Into 2016.

     I realize it’s a little late but I thought I would share with you what I did to bring in 2016. A lot of this trip has been about pushing myself out of my comfort zone for what I think is the sake of my future endeavors. At the moment I’m not sure what that noun encompasses but I do know I’ve been created for an explicit purpose to fulfill in this short life. It’s so easy to say “no” but sometimes it takes a little bit of lying or coaxing to enable that “yes” to transpire; even if it may be something perceived as undesirable in the moment. Some of the mantra’s I often find myself thinking are “it will benefit you in the future, it’s going to be a great story to tell, what if ‘X’ happened and I wasn’t there, a viral photo could be there,” and so on. This dilemma may not be the position for those of you who are extroverts but my paralyzing introvert mind barbarically desires me to stay safe and comfortable at all costs.

     You’re still wondering what I did for New Years; I know. It’s really not too exciting but I went to my local roommate’s village that he grew up in. We mainly visited with his family and walked from one relative’s home to the next. Yet again I got to see another beautiful part of this country and observe the slight variants in how the culture conducts itself. Him and his family were very hospitable and I was honored to be a fly on the wall during the many conversations that occurred around me. The pinnacle of my time there was when his dad took down a locally made instrument, that I didn’t understand the name of, to play us a song. He even took off the toque he always wore so I could get better images of his performance. 

     I just returned from another trip that was to the southern part of the country where I was able to get some great portraits and early morning landscapes. I’ll share some of the images of that next week along with why the trip was refreshing for multiple reasons.