Hidden Monsters.

     There are a few reasons why I went the title for this post. The first reason is that this is the largest abandoned home I've ever found and due to its distance from the highway its difficult to see. Second, there was something in the attic! The overall ambiance of the home wasn't the most inviting but the ever present "go away" vibe was emphasized as soon as Nic and I stepped inside. There seemed to be an immediate rustling above us and honestly it sounded like a murder... of crows. After a little investigation we were relieved to discover a few harmless pigeons, but I'd be lying if I said my adrenal gland didnt kick in a bit.  For the image above I wanted to emphasize the grandeur of the house so I took a low perspective with some of the dismembered pieces as the foreground leading your eye to the front door.

     The last month of living in Three Hills I did everything I could to try and explore the land around me. It's crazy to think I lived in a place for 3 years and hardly knew what was down most of the back roads. Personally, this is because I just didnt want to pay for gas but I figured I likely wouldn't be going back so I better get all the images I might regret missing. Let me know what image is your favourite and shout out to my friend Nic for being brave enough to go upstairs.