In Retrospect.

     One of the core reasons I write and record my thoughts is so I know I'm growing. A lot of times there are people we know who seem to talk about the same things over and over again. Whether the stories are from high school or college, a sport they used to play, the last time they travelled or just a mindset that perpetuates through their daily conversations, they all reflect a place of stagnation as well as significance in their life. Personally, this reality I find discouraging and is a point of insecurity for myself because what I think it shows is that there hasn't been any growth in the areas we repeatedly share. Someone who talks about all the great memories from the past hasn't created memories that are equal or supercede the past. I want to know I'm growing not only in my thoughts and experiences but also in the way I understand the reality I observe them through. 

To merely fabricate experiences or new knowledge isn't enough to override past versions, rather coming to a new perspective on how to interpret those events is more significant. A trendy way of saying that is to change our perspective on the situation. This practice is something I'm constantly attempting to do with photography and especially when I'm not moving to new locations or travelling. Shifting perspectives for the viewer is what makes an image intriguing enough to stop and intentionally look at the details or colour. The same can be said about our thoughts and stories. We are always moving forward through time and that should equate to new stories or ideas due to progression through life and additional sensory input. However, unless we are actively making the effort to formulate or work through these new ideas and reality, we will, in a multitude of ways, become stagnant in our growth. 

     Frequently I go through the existential crisis of why do I do anything? The reason I am settled on for this minute moment of life is that it is to mark points of growth and stagnation in my development as a contributing member of society. Once I stop thinking on a problem, I can't merely sit on those ideals. I need to advance them either into action in a way that aids in bringing peace to others or I need to adopt a new challenge to process through and then bring that new conclusion into reality. All of which I hope bring people peace while we navigate through this insatiable life that is undoubtedly beautiful.

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