Wild Waterton.

     I forgot to mention in the previous posts that on our way home from Yellowstone we made a detour to Waterton. Maybe it’s that the town of Waterton is essentially a dead end, or that in the summer it erupts with life and in the winter seemingly goes into hibernation but out of all the places I’ve travelled to, it might claim the spot as my favorite. Ever since creating the fond memories from my family road trip there a few years ago, it’s a place that brings me so much joy.

     Anyways, we went to the obligatory Cameron Falls where I tried some unique angles of the falls in an attempt to mix it up from one of my portfolio image I made on my previous visit. After that we went to the notorious red rock canyon. Unfortunately it wasn’t a sunny, warm day like the first time I visited the spot but it was cool to see it tourist free. We concluded our quick visit in Waterton with a stop at drift wood beach where we found a lot of awesome rocks. :p

     I’m going to drop the posts down to once a week again (hopefully) and try to focus on developing a podcast with my friend Caleb as well. If you listen to podcasts, what would you look for in one that talks about current events and culture? Message me or comment your ideas.